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  Homeowners insurance is supposed to help you pay for property damage and injuries that occur at your home. Unfortunately, insurance companies deny many homeowners’ insurance claims. Don't just take no for an answer!

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Homeowners’ insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company. Before you file a lawsuit, it is important to understand the terms of this contract. Request a copy of your complete policy, which explains:

  • What losses are covered,
  • Any exceptions that apply,
  • How losses are compensated (replacement cost vs. actual value),
  • The amount of your deductible, and
  • Whether you must arbitrate disputed claims. 

While most homeowners’ insurance policies include coverage for property damage and liability, they also include many exceptions and limitations. For example, most policies do not cover flood damage. If you need help understand your policy, contact an insurance claim lawyer. 

 Many insurance policies allow internal or administrative appeals. In an administrative appeal, the insurance company reassesses its denial and any additional evidence you provide. Sometimes, the insurance company will reverse its initial denial and pay your claim. However, many administrative appeals are denied. Alternatively, the insurance company may offer a settlement to resolve your dispute. (Before you accept a settlement, consult with a lawyer. Once a claim is settled, it may be impossible to file a lawsuit for additional compensation.) Call Us Now  (855) 399-4834 For A Free Consultation.

Call Us (855) 399-4834 Now!
Find Out What You Can Legally Do.

Call Us (855) 399-4834 Now!

Find Out What You Can Legally Do.

Homeowners Insurance Disputes


 Homeowners insurance is intended to cover unexpected property damage from fire, earthquakes, mudslides, flooding, and other natural disasters. When insurance companies fail to provide homeowners with the coverage they need, they may wish to speak to a lawyer about their legal options. 


 Before you resolve a homeowners’ insurance dispute, consider speaking with a insurance attorney . An insurance claim requires a detailed analysis of your homeowners insurance policy, the circumstances of your claim, and the law. Without legal representation, you may make costly mistakes or undervalue your claim. An experienced insurance claim lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected and your settlement is appropriate. 


 Our homeowners insurance cases have forced insurance companies to change the way they respond to claims, and our Insurance attorney have caused insurance companies to change the types of conditions they’ll cover. If you’re being treated unfairly by your insurance company. Call for a  free consultation

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